The whirlybird workspace is the catkin workspace used to connect to the Whirlybirds via ROS. The Whirlybird workspace provided includes all the files created in the ROS Tutorial, and templates for all other assignments. It is highly recommended that you download the provided workspace and use it as a template. It will help manage the file system layout.

The whirlybird_ws directory is large and complex, but you will only need to modify the files in the sub-directory whirlbyird_controller. The path to this directory is


There are two different versions of the whirlybird_ws available: hardware implementation, and template. The hardware implementation version only includes files needed to implement your code on the whirlybird. The template version includes files needed to implement your code on the whirlybird and to simulate the code in python. All files include code except for the param and controller files.

Hardware Implementation



When it comes time to connect to the Whirlybirds via ROS, you will need to make sure that all nodes and launch files are executable and that the workspace has been built.

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