B. Design Study: Pendulum on a Cart

Problem Topic PDF solution Simulink solution Matlab solution Python solution
simulink.zip matlab.zip python.zip
B.2 Kinetic energy soln_b2.pdf
B.a Animation soln_ba.pdf
B.3 Equations of motion soln_b3.pdf
B.b s-function soln_bb.pdf
B.4 Linearization soln_b4.pdf
B.5 Transfer function models soln_b5.pdf
B.6 State space models soln_b6.pdf
B.7 PD control
B.8 Second order design soln_b8.pdf
B.9 Integrators and system type soln_b9.pdf
B.d Root locus soln_bd.pdf
B.10 Digital PID soln_b10.pdf
B.11 Full state feedback soln_b11.pdf
B.12 Full state feedback with integrator soln_b12.pdf
B.13 Observer based control soln_b13.pdf
B.14 Disturbance observer soln_b14.pdf
B.15 Frequency response soln_b15.pdf
B.16 Loop gain soln_b16.pdf
B.17 Stability margins soln_b17.pdf
B.18 Loopshaping design soln_b18.pdf
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